Per rol pleister is 4,5 meter lang en 2,5 cm breed. Deze pleister werkt zonder lijm, is antiallergisch, is ademend, is diervriendelijk, etc. Verkrijgbaar in 10 verschillende kleuren. Kies uw kleur:

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Plaster for young and old.

Per roll patch is 4.5 meters long and 2.5 cm wide. This patch works without glue or other chemicals. This is suitable for everyone, even people who are allergic to plasters or sensitive skin.

The plasters are waterproof and stretchable. An ideal plaster for example, fingers, hands, feet or toes. You can use it for blisters, cuts, cracks, torn nails and so on. Also, it is to be used in the preventive, for example, hikers in order to prevent blisters

The removal of this plaster does not hurt (not in children), thereby no damage to the skin there is increased. Ideal for in and around the house for everyone. Even pets can use in wounds where they should not come to this, it does not stick firmly to the hair and can withstand movement, dirt and water.

The smart assembly of the product is without scissors can be torn down to size at any point, ideal for traveling or in and around the house.